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Our 300 acre beef cattle farm in Spencer County, Kentucky has been in the family since the 1930's.  We love our land and our animals and want to preserve the land for generations to come.  We also want to share our farm with you.  Our Beef is Naturally Raised and Grain-On-Grass Finished.   This means that our cattle are in the fields, eating grass, hay, and given daily supplements of  grain.  They are not given hormones, antibiotics, or  steroids.  This results in a lean good quality steak with beautiful marbling that tastes great.  Plus, they area always raised with love!

Hay Field
Mom & Calf
Cutting Hay
Stormy & Z
Drying Hay
Old Horseshoe
Stormy going for a ride with James
Moving Hay
Hi Girls!
Old Ford
Working in the Field
Barn Life
Feeding in the Winter
Old Tobacoo Barns
Bottle Baby in the Barn
Sniffing for grain
Jennifer, Z, and James - 3rd & 4th Generation
Have anything good?
Grain time!
Hi there!
Fresh Hay

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions


What do you grow?

Angus Beef, hay, rocks, and osage orange trees.  Luckily we can sell the beef!  We cut all our own hay for the cows to eat in the winter.  The rocks and osage orange trees just like to get in the way!

How are your cattle raised?

Our momma cows live on our farm for their entire lives.  They usually have 1 calf a year.  Those calves are either kept to be future mommas, or sent to be processed as beef.  Either way, they are loved while they are here.  We are a grain-on-grass farm which means our cows are in our open fields eating lots of fresh grass or hay and they are given supplements of grain.

Are your cows given steriods?

Our cows are not given hormones, antibiotics, or steriods.

How do I buy beef?

Our Double J Beef shares are reserved with a signed contract, custom cut sheet, and a deposit.  Please contact us by phone or email to confirm that we have shares available.  We will put your name on the reservation list and then you can send in your contract and deposit to purchase your share.  Click the link at the top of the page to download the forms.


Upcoming Events

Beef by the Pound

August 2020

We are currently have beef by the pound available for pickup.  To stay up to date on Currenty Inventory and Pricing, follow us on Facebook at DoubleJBeef.


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